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We are serious in understanding our client’s business and providing the most profitable solution for every legal issue that the client has trusted in our hands

What SHAL Do

We are serious in understanding our client’s business and providing the most profitable solution for every legal issue that the client has trusted in our hands, therefore we will not sell anything that we DO NOT have in store. So when we say we are experts and experienced in providing services towards the field of law as expressed below, rest assured that we really are.

Commercial Negotiation

Negotiation lives in every aspect of our life from a simple price bidding at the market to a high commercial contract negotiation. Numerous of disputes, issues, deadlocks and business detachments have been avoided and significant profitable outcome is achieved by having a good negotiator at your fingertip.

SHAL is specialized and experienced in negotiating on behalf of the clients for the purpose of achieving profitable win-win outcome ranging from contract negotiation, loss or damage compensation, insurance claim to settling legal dispute. Many of our previous clients commended our team for its effective and efficient negotiation strategy that have saved them a lot of fortune.

Contract Dispute

Exercising business contract is not as easy as putting a signature on the paper at signing day. Many dispute arise from the different interpretation of the parties towards the contract, unforeseen outcome from their performance and concealed act of bad faith towards the application.

Consistent with SHAL’s aim to prioritize amicable settlement for the best interest of the client, avoiding litigation is always the main option. But if the need demands otherwise, SHAL is equipped with the skills and experiences to represent the client in a civil case before the court up to the Supreme Court level and/or arbitration proceeding.

Aviation Dispute

Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world and has placed the aviation industry as a critical means of connecting the thousands of islands. The term of “the bigger the business, the larger the conflict” is somewhat true knowing that the safety issues continue to be a persistent problem in Indonesian aviation.

SHAL has experience in defending commercial airline companies and its third party vendors from exaggerated claim for remedy or damage compensation from the passengers as well as negotiating and closing a settlement with the passengers on behalf of the airline companies.

Bankruptcy & Restructuring

The leap falls of global economy has made a major impact to almost every business sectors. Such condition has made bankruptcy filing and debt restructuring rapidly grow in numbers towards many companies in the recent years.

SHAL has experience in representing creditor or debtor in bankruptcy petition and/or suspension of payment obligation. We tend to deliver solutions overnight as this area of law is extremely fast paced and involving financial aspect of the companies.

Corporate Crime

Corporate frauds and white collar crime are the two things that may harm the company’s business in the most uncomfortable way due to the negative publication, unpredicted outcome and not to mention lengthy and tiring legal procedure.

SHAL has numerous experience in defending corporate executives from being wrongfully accused of criminal action and also assisting the company in filing police report against corporate frauds. For the reason of maintaining integrity in our profession, we are very selective in handling the corporate crime case.

Foreign Investment

In the recent years, Indonesia has spread its arms open for more foreign investor to invest in Indonesia by opening up more business sectors that were previously restricted for foreign investments. In parallel, there are numbers of new regulations being enacted to regulate these business activities which lead every business actor to the need of having a good legal consultant.

SHAL is able to advise and provide legal assistance towards the establishment of foreign and domestic companies in Indonesia which encompasses Investment Registration approval, application of licenses and/or approvals and providing advice towards the business sector in particular.


Employment or industrial relation matters are the core aspect that often being overlooked by most companies. There are so many industrial relation disputes derived from employment terminations, misinterpretation of employment contracts and deadlocked negotiations.

SHAL has robust experience in advising and representing clients in industrial relation disputes, negotiations, terminations and other varieties surrounding manpower aspect.

Anti-trust & Competition

Indonesia is part of the global market where free trade and foreign investors have become a common theme in every business sectors. In light to such fact, trade market, mergers & acquisitions and other market strategies are now being highly regulated to ensure the practice of fair business competition.

SHAL has numerous experience in providing advice and representing clients on the full scope of antitrust and competition law issues, such as merger & acquisition notification, cartel investigation and competition-related litigation.

Pro Bono Practice

The law is color-blind and has no impunity towards status, degree, or economy aspect of the society. In other words, there are times when people from lower economy level needs to have legal support. But the common understanding dictates that only the rich affords to hire a lawyer and therefore they chose to leave their legal rights undefended.

Indonesian advocates ideally should provide free legal services towards those who does not have the capability to afford legal services. In SHAL, such statement is not a false promise. We provide pro bono service to people that we deem entitled to one, with reference to the relevant regulations on pro bono services.

SHAL is being very selective in retaining pro bono client in order to ensure that they will receive the same level of quality to the regular clients.

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